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Venatu's Top 8 Interview Tips

Preparing for an interview is a BIG part of the job hunting process. So, get this bit right and you will fly through yours!

Below we have listed a few of Venatu’s favourite tips when attending an interview..


This is extremely important! Research the company before going for your interview, this will prove that you have looked into the job role and show that you are interested in working for them. Knowing facts about their company/business will really impress them!


Make sure you look presentable and professional. Dress smart and comfortably, first impressions count!


Plan your journey and arrive a few minutes earlier than your interview. This will not only calm your nerves but also make you look organised.


This shows that you are involved in the conversation and you are listening. (The odd nod won’t hurt either!!)

5 - SELL YOURSELF (But don’t lie!)

Write down all of your key skills and positive attributes and take these to the interview with you. TOP TIP - use key words like: reliable, organised, trustworthy_


Before the interview, write down a few strong questions on a neat piece of paper/notepad and take this into the interview with you. This shows that you have revised for it and shows your interest in the company/job.


Take a deep breath and think about the question before answering. Don’t rush! You might miss vital information that you want to get across to the employer.


This is also very important! First impressions are EVERYTHING. Make sure you shake the employers hand when you meet them and again when you leave the interview. Also, sit up right! You don’t want to be slumped in your chair.

No one likes to be interviewed! No matter how many interviews you have attended or how much experience you have for the role, EVERYONE gets nervous! Try to practice your interview a few times before the day and write all key notes and questions down too. You can never be too prepared.

Oh & remember to BE YOURSELF!

We really hope this helps!

Good Luck from all at VENATU!

good luck

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Posted: 23 August 2017

Venatu's Top 8 Interview Tips

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