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Agency VS In-house

It is often perceived by larger companies that the use of an in-house recruiter is the better option when hiring new talent, in our eyes this couldn’t be further from the truth. An agency is doing the job day in day out and has access to a healthy database with thousands of candidates to assist in the majority of business areas. Instead of hiring someone to build this up over time, you have that ready-made pool at your fingertips and you aren’t paying a monthly salary for this service – only a final fee at the end when the best candidate is sourced.

The Pros

  • We want to impress you – we don’t have the comfort of being owned by you however we effectively work for you and are keen to maintain the relationship. Keeping us on our toes would usually deliver a better result than an in-house recruiter with job security
  • Knowledge is power - We’re highly skilled in recruiting for all industries and we therefore may have the answer before you’ve asked the question. Knowledge is power: we don’t have tunnel vision and we’re consistently chomping at the bit when it comes to sourcing new talent
  • Quick results – we’re doing this job all day every day, you don’t have to spend a minute searching when we’re bursting at the seams with ideal candidates looking for work. We do the leg work and you reap the rewards in quick succession
  • You’ll save time, lots of time – we are the experts when it comes to negotiation. With an in-house recruiter they will still come to you for reassurance and advice, with us we take the initial job brief and then we come away and work our magic. We’ll send all communication and arrange the interview process from start to finish
  • Negotiation on cost – if you hire ‘en masse’ with us, we may offer a hiring discount which would save you money whilst still giving you the benefit of our expert advice, time and quality candidate
  • The avoidance of internal conflict – if you open a vacancy both internally and externally and have an on-site recruiting presence - they may be accused of favouritism if they have built a relationship with your workforce over time, you will never have to face this issue when using an agency as we are an impartial party

The Cons

Don’t be silly – there aren’t any!!

Venatu Recruitment Group take pride in being approachable whilst offering a modern and refreshing service. We aren’t pushy or sales driven, we’re motivated by providing a professional and consultative approach and have full respect for the personal direction and vision that you wish to take. We thrive in helping you make the best decision for you and the company you’re recruiting for. Give us a call for more information on how we can assist you, our team combined have over 20+ years of recruiting experience and would be more than happy to help you - no matter what the question.

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Posted: 11 September 2018

why choose venatu?

Leading innovation in recruitment

Next level service for all our clients.

Proven track record

One-off and multi-assignment campaigns, both of which we have a proven track record.

Selection service

A cost effective price for provision of the highest level of selection service.

Time effective

The best candidates, provided by our proven time effective process.

Market knowledge

Knowledge built up over the past 20 years across a broad range of sectors.

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