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Top Tip Tuesday - Productivity

Productivity is a hot topic right now within the workplace as we are faced with so many distractions, the use of social media amongst other advances in technology has resulted in our struggle to remain focused on the job in hand.

The average worker spends 8.9 hours at work as opposed to 7.7 hours sleeping, therefore it is critical that your precious time isn’t wasted. We all struggle to motivate ourselves when the diary is jam packed and you feel like you’re drowning in work, or maybe it’s the total opposite – you’re going through a quiet period and don’t know where to source the work?

Here we have Venatu’s guide to increasing productivity within the workplace as well as personally. It really is simple once you start to make the small changes required and take accountability for the impact of those costly hours making up your working day.

We’ve chosen our top 8 most successful tips in achieving productivity… enjoy!

1 – Improve your cultural success with savvy recruiting

This may not seem like an obvious one, however productivity starts at interview stage. It is measured by the attitude of both parties during the initial interview, this is where you will get a feel for the business and the people. Vice versa if you are the employer, you weigh up the suitability of the prospective employee in front of you.

If you don’t feel that you will be able to work closely with the people, or if you feel that the values of the business don’t match your own – those alarm bells should be taken seriously as they’re a sure fire way of dampening your chances of productivity within the workplace.

2 - Employee happiness and well-being

If your employees are happy, productivity will naturally increase and this is exactly what you need for business growth. You also need to limit the ‘leave’ rate, it is more profitable to pay a knowledgeable and loyal employee than it is to train a ‘novice’.

Many employers still fail to provide the necessary positive feedback, encouragement and praise to motivate employees. An acknowledgement of a job well done and a thank you goes a long way, pay it forward. If it isn’t within the budget to reward employees with a bonus, still recognise their efforts in other ways and you will reap the return of productivity and loyalty. Communication is key in relationships and in business – have a committed focus on the future together and talk through any bumps in the road.

3 – Delegation

Increased responsibility is important for improving the job satisfaction of employees, it will give them a sense of achievement and direction. Remember to match the task to the skill and personality of the individual when possible.

Have regular team talks, even if its grabbing 15 minutes daily / weekly, get together and get talking. Not just about work, build healthy and positive relationships and gain a better understanding of what each team member is contributing to the task in hand. Manage but don’t micro-manage, let your team know that you trust them, this also prevents them becoming overly dependent on your opinion for every action.

4 - Rid the office of distractions

Encourage employees to limit time spent on their phone and social media, regular breaks shouldn’t warrant the need for phone activity at the desk. However do be careful with this as banning social media all together can be a morale killer, it shows a lack of trust and may do the opposite in enhancing productivity.

5 - Office environment

As minor as this sounds, office temperature is a big factor in productivity. If someone is too hot or too cold they are more than likely going to be distracted from the task, when possible set the temperature of the office to around 21 degrees. Also control noise levels to enable full concentration.

Seating position, desk location and lighting are all environmental factors that need to be addressed if productivity is failing.

6 - Setting realistic goals

Set employees a clear and achievable goal. Give them something to work towards, this will in turn give you a true measurement of their capability – everyone’s a winner!

7 - Eat healthily and get active!

Handle stress when it presents, don’t let it get to the point where you (or your employees) are calling in sick as you’ve reached your limit. Be kind to yourself and look after your mental and physical health. Take your allocated breaks and eat well during the day to avoid energy crashes and stimulate your brain to work to its maximum capacity. Eating well does mean a nutritious meal containing fruit and veg. If you’re existing on fizzy drinks and coffee, your brain won’t be functioning as well as it has the potential to. Exercising also reduces the stress hormone and increases growth factors within the brain.

Eat, move, sleep, repeat!

8 - Focus on one thing at a time…

Apparently multi-tasking lowers the IQ and reduces performance. It is better to do 1 thing with excellent results, than 3 with mediocre results.

Advocate the use of repetition, completing recurring tasks at the same time each day or week is the best way to develop efficient habits.

So there we have it, we hope this was useful in improving your productivity levels. Don’t forget, recruiting is the very first step in achieving a productive workforce, therefore please DO get in touch with us if you require any assistance with your recruitment needs.

Happy Top Tip Tuesday from all at Venatu Recruitment Group.

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Posted: 15 January 2019

Top Tip Tuesday - Productivity

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