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Venatu offer a full range of recruitment services including Headhunting / search & selection on a Retained and Exclusive recruitment basis, Contingency recruitment, Volume recruitment, Temporary recruitment and Contract recruitment.

Benefits of exclusive and retained recruitment process

  • You the employer, are firmly represented only.
  • More time is available to do the exercise properly which results in you getting a superior quality hire when the process comes to an end.
  • We provide 100% commitment – If 5 of your competition were working the same job with no guarantee of a return would you give the same time and effort as an exclusive recruitment process.
  • Candidates are sick of seeing generic recruitment ads, which the associate with getting no response from, therefore we offer joint branded advertising and would be proud to represent your business.
  • The targeting of organisations identified as employers of potential candidates, and accessing proprietary and commercially available databases for sources of suitable candidates through original research conducted by our consultant.
  • 1 in 1 is our success ratio on filling exclusive and retained recruitment assignments.
  • Recruiting efforts are strategically focused on a broadly targeted range of potential candidates, most of whom are not active in the job market; recruiting is process and result oriented.
  • 40 - 160 hours per month, per client assignment is what a search consultant normally spends in recruiting, screening and client interaction.
  • The consultant develops a “long list”, through this research, of suitably qualified candidates and then conducts telephone interviews to establish those suitable for possible in-person interviews.
  • Minimal Human Resources and General Management time is required until the interview process is underway, saving you time and subsequently money.
  • With more time and resources invested by the recruiter and for a fee similar to that of a contingency firm the process is ultimately provides better value for money.

Contingency, Exclusive or Retained Recruitment?

Contingent recruitment

Contingent recruitment means that the recruiter is competing on the role either with other agencies or indeed the client should the client have advertised the role on a job board or their website.

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Exclusive roles

Exclusive roles are where the recruiter has the role exclusively; but still only get paid on success. There are huge benefits in working this way over contingent recruitment.

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Retained recruitment

The way recruiters should all be working as professional recruiters, is on a retained basis. This is different to the other ways mentioned above as they get paid a fee for service rather than a fee for success.

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